Tuesday, December 11, 2012

reaction to personal grafs and essays

      When I think of how I used to write and what I used to write about its clear that I had a lot to learn. In the begging of this class I got a lot of good advice and also had to try to slow down and put myself into the work. I think I have learned how to write different kind of essays and grafs I didn't know about. I went through and read some of my essays and they are kind of dry to me now that I think about what I could have done. It was a learning process I needed and Im glad I had it. Made me a better writer.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Division essay

      Taking hikes and also going biking in the mountains can be both dangerous and also life changing in a sense. Due to how many people get lost and not knowing what to have on them encase they do get lost. There are three things I like to have on me at all times that I would use if I got lost. I am glad I started to carry those items at a young age due to an event that happened to me and my friend.
      The most fundamental thing that I like to have on me at all times is my trusty knife. I collect knifes so I always have my black gerber knife on me.. They are good for cutting things like rope, wood (depending on the type of knife), and also good for protection. It can help kill food, also help if heated to burn a wound closed. I have had to use my knife for a few of these like when me and my friend went god running (Like Parkour just down a hill dodging trees and things) down the mountain in Woodland Park Colorado. He jumped off a small cliff with me and his pant leg got caught and he hit the wall and got knocked out. I had to cut the pant leg off and cut my shirt to tie it around where it was bleeding.
       I may not smoke but I like to have a lighter on me also. My favorite lighter I usually have on me is my sniper emblem zippo lighter. Not matches because encase they get wet they are useless. The lighter will help me to create a signal fire on top of fire to keep me warm. In the woods you need fire to cook the animals you get. It will help you stay warm and also if you build a fire surrounding you it helps to keep certain animals at bay. I had to use my knife also to cut limbs to make a fire site. I laid my friend down so he could rest due to the fact I didn't know how bad he got hurt. I started a little fires to keep us a little warmer because we were not moving around to keep warm.
       When he woke up I asked "Are you okay enough to move?" I got him up and asked "which way back because i'm horrible with directions and didn't know where we were." "Head north that's were my parents have the camp site." This is where I remembered i had a utility compass to help me. I pulled it out and he laughed and said "Do you really don't know what way is North?" I said "No that's why I have a compass." So I put one of his arms around my head and followed the compass all the way to his parents camp.
     If it wasn't for the items I had on me I would of had no clue what to do. That's why I like to have them on me so if anything like that ever happens again I will be prepared. I also am trying to learn to get better at directions. On top of staying away from camping and going into the woods.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Timed process essay new edit

      When I walk around the park and see people walking their dogs or riding a horse. The thought of getting my own pet turns up . I love animals and I would love to own my own. I'm very picky though. These are the steps I have taken to pick a animal out before.
      First I have to think about the types of animals I would like to own. I have to throw away the wants due to the fact that its not realistic. Like a wolf can't own them. Then I get on track and think dog or cat. I like dogs because they are loyal and also can be protectors. Easy to train if done right. Also fun to be outside with. Cats are cute and like to cuddle. They are easy to take care of. They sleep most of the time. Then I factor in my time and money of each type and being able to properly take care of them. Then its off to look at pets.
      When I walk into the store I walk straight to the dogs. I made up my mind but now I have to look at they types of dogs and also get information on size and ways to take car of them. I want a dog that is easy to train, Beautiful, don't have to worry about it attacking people, and also price of the dog. I get all of that information leading to my choice, a siberian husky. finally last part is supplies for the dog.
      After I get the dog and name it. I go down the isles with Zoey and let her sniff and look at toys to see what she would like.  Grab the ones she likes and add it to the cart. Then Its off to the hardest item the food. She tries a lot of different food but she likes a main food of kibble and bits. Its off to take the dog home.
      After I go through all of that to get and animal it also makes me think wow. They also went through all of that to get their pets. The naming, spoiling, playing, and also quality time you get from a pet is what makes the process worth while. Zoey and I will be happy for a long time.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

effect essay editied

      When I was in high school I got tired of being bullied and also tired of being treated like crap so I had a different attitude. This attitude lead me to telling my teacher "Fuck You". This had a lot of effects on me. Even if I explained this and what my means were for doing so I had no reason to do so.
      When my friend and I were wrestling in the wrestling room he knocked the wind out of me. That's when my teacher Mrs. Green came in and started to poked me with her finger and started to say "That's what you get for messing around. That's what you get." The first bit of air I got back I bellowed out "Fuck You." The teacher stopped in disbelief. The first thing that happened to me was when she decided what to do with me by sending me to the principle's office.
      When I got to the principles office he sat me down and asked what happened. I explained the whole story and didn't leave a thing out. When I was done explaining why I was sent to see him. He sat there for a minute and then said "well you know you were in the wrong and I have to suspend you for 2 weeks for using that language with your teacher." So he sent me to walk home.
      When I got home I explained why I was home early to my mom. She lost her temper and said "your grounded till you go back to school go to your room." She said "the only thing you are able to do is go to your martial arts class, but after I tell your sensi what you did and he can decide what to do to you."
      It was bad enough getting suspended and grounded. Now I have to wait for my sensi to pass judgement. He looked at me and wanted the truth and I told him everything that happened. He said "you will be doing bear crawls and also not participating in grappling which you enjoy." So the next couple of weeks I worked out and was put through hell to contemplate my actions. Until I go back to school I had to deal with all of these effects of what I did wrong.
      When I think about my actions and what happened because of them. I realized that everything I do in life has repercussions either good or bad.  It seams that my choice lead to bad repercussions. Made me realize also that I should not talk to anyone like that no matter how mad I get. No one deserves to be treated like that no matter what.

Friday, November 9, 2012


      I turn on my computer and think about all of the possibilities of what to make into a video. There is my movie program movie maker and also all of the pictures I can use. There is the long play list of songs to add to the video. My friend gave me a song and some pictures she wanted me to make a video of. This is how I make a video.
      I wake up and get me some soda. Turn on my laptop and make sure I have my special keyboard and mouse. Turn on windows movie maker and start to brain storm how to make a tribute to military families. I decided to go to Google images and also photobucket. I played through a lot of the songs that I had but one caught my ear. Leona Lewis What Ever it Takes. After I get the song and transfer it into the program I save all of the pictures I want to use and transfer them into the program also. I take a break and contemplate how im going to put them into order.
      I start to listen to the song more carefully and make sure the pictures go with the words of the song. I organize some of the pics that I found that imply what the video is going to be about in the beginning. Then the rest of the pictures have to go with the words and try to make the person feel how thankful I am for all of the military personnel and the family that support them for my way of life today. I like to put pictures in the video that will have a emotional connection with the people who would view the video. I got to after a lot more soda edit and say where I got the music and pictures.
      I start to go through the video ten or more times to make sure it is to my liking and that people will like it. I watch this video and the only bad part of it is my dad was in the military as a army ranger so I start to tear up a little towards the end. I put who the video is made by, what song im using, and where the pictures are from. I save the video and make sure it will play. I put it onto youtube and try to get views and comments on what people think of it.
      I like to make videos and tributes that have meaning. If I have soda, a computer with movie maker, an idea, and some tunes I can make a kick ass video. This is the product of the video tribute to military families. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8D24_jsBx0&list=UUMLi7XyLjvXyk_w_fLQyVig&index=8&feature=plpp_video

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Process intro

      I turn on my computer and think about all of the possibilities of what to make into a video. There is my movie program movie maker and also all of the pictures I can use. There is the long play list of songs to add to the video. My friend gave me a song and some pictures she wanted me to make a video of. This is how to make a video.

Friday, November 2, 2012

timed Effect essay

      When I think back to when I started to learn to drive I remember that I don't have a lot of behind the wheel experience. Last year during winter was the first time I had ever driving in snow and ice. I hit black ice and wrapped my car around a pole in February of this year. It caused me to have lots of medical bills, go through physical therapy and also to take a test to be able to drive again.
      When I woke up in the hospital I didn't know why I was there. I was told I git black ice and crashed my car. I will still in disbelief but knew I did do something to end up in the hospital. I had a traumatic brain injury. When I got out of the hospital I started to receive bills. For ambulances,  life flight, tests, hospital stay, and all sorts of things. It added up quick to well over 100,000. Enough to make me cringe.
      When I was in the hospital I was going through physical therapy to help my body to recover from being hurt. They did a lot of exersize and coordination type of tests. I said "it was only a crash I can still do the things I used to." Wow was I wrong. I had trouble walking straight and keeping my balance. I had to have help taking a shower. I couldn't get any wear on my own.  Also had to graduate from therapy and have a last head check before I could get approved to go back to work.
      The one effect of the crash that irritated me was anyone who has a head injury in a crash even if they don't remember it like me. They have to take the written and driven portion of the test again to be able to drive. I had to learn how to parallel park. I read to much into the questions. I failed it two times and passed it my third. Then I had to get a new car so I could get to and from work. The driveing test had a lot more to it then when I took it in Colorado. 
      All of the things that happen from en-experience in life are either drastic or mild compared to what it is you don't have experience with. Its on of those life lesson that they say you learn to mistakes. It can be practical expertise like driving or it can be math. They both take practice.